Tamka’s Hungarian Honey KREMEŠ Cake

Peter had this brilliant idea now that we have this awesome new blog, to post all our older stuff personal as well as photo work from our past.  It will all be logged in our “flashback friday” section, and I am so pumped!!! We have all these great photos from photo shoots and our personal life together and with family that I can’t wait to share.

To kick off our very FIRST flashback Friday post……… We are starting with Peter’s grandma (Tamka).  The first time Peter took me home to his family in Slovakia, we were there for 5 weeks and the food was endless and delicious! It’s like that every time we go 🙂 One thing that really got stuck in my head was Tamka’s kremes cake . I was always hoping for a repeat of it, but between Peter’s mom and grandmother there is always a new delicious cakes! I waited it out 5 years (until a year ago) and finaly asked Tamka if she would make it for us, and better yet if I could take pictures 🙂  AND here is what we have 🙂


Flashback from winter of 2010

Yummmmmm! This post just made me so hungry!