Oliver Peter Bernadic

Welcome to the world little Oliver, or as I like to call him Little Peter (because he is a perfect little replica of Peter)!  Little Oliver Peter was born on his grandpa’s birthday (Peter’s dad, also named Peter) also his great-grandma’s birthday (Peter’s grandma). How exciting is that??? To add to the fun, it’s also Peter’s name day the NEXT day (6/29, The Feast Day of St.Peter).

I just have to put in a GIANT thank you to Chilton Hospital and all the nurses in the Maternity ward, everything was as wonderful as it could possibly be.

No, I’m not faking it! Can you tell I don’t like needles? Well at least Peter and the nurse were entertained!

That’s not the doctor or a secret agent, Peter just likes to be stylish no matter the circumstances.  What can I say, he’s European! Peter did happen to do A LOT of shooting (with a camera, that is)!  I just got to kick back with my stylish yellow socks 🙂

Yes, the anesthesiologist is on his cell phone…… but, thats ok, I couldn’t feel anything at that point anyway!

Not only is he a Yankee fan, he delivers babies too!  Good thing for us….. Oliver is finally here!  Oliver started crying before they even took him out and Peter started to get antsy that he missed the picture until the doctor told us he wasn’t even out yet!

Here he is, all 8 pounds 9 ounces of him and he finally stopped crying, about a week ago 🙂

All washed up and picture perfect less then an hour after he was born 🙂


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