Miro Zbirka-Happy Birthday (Bratislava)

Ever since I photographed Miro Zbirka on a small US tour in New York, New Jersey and Washington DC, we have been in contact. 2012 was a significant year for him  because of his 60th birthday, he organized a couple of major concerts and went all out!! The concerts included numerous popular guests from the  Slovak and Czech music scene  and the Moravian National Philharmonic Orchestra. The first concert was in the O2 arena in Prague and second in the brand new ice hockey arena in Bratislava. Both events were sold out months ahead, but lucky me, I got a press pass to second one in Bratislava. The evening kickstarted with the band “The Backwards” which is one of the best Beatles’ cover bands in the world. After half an hour of pure Beatlesmania, out came Miro and his band “Masaker” followed by countless famous people from his past and present that helped shape his music career. The second half of the concert was elevated to yet another level when the Moravian National Orchestra conducted by Adrian Kokos joined Miro on  stage. The event went on for 3 hours with nonstop music and an amazing light show……. all I could say is Happy 60th Birthday Miro!   What a show!!!!

The ice hockey arena in Bratislava was completely sold out.