Bonnet Island Estate with Erin & Tom

Bonnet Island Estate, Manahawkin, New Jersey


The weather called for rain but instead we got these ridiculously amazing looking storm clouds (and a bit of drizzle) and that was totally ok because a little bit of drizzle was definitely not going to put a damper on the festivities for this incredibly sweet couple!  The Bonnet Island Estate is beautiful and it was an absolute pleasure to photograph this gorgeous couple there.  Weddings have allowed us to meet a lot of awesome new people, especially this duo 🙂  I (we) always get a bit nervous if we haven’t met the bride or groom before the big day even though we put a lot of chatting in before hand….. but Erin and Tom have such wonderful personalities and it was a rockin fun time from start to finish! It’s not every day that we get to photograph a producer and a TV Personality, thank you so much for trusting us with your wedding photos, it is truly an honor!  Peter and I are seriously reconsidering our no cable tv policy…. but good thing for amazon prime because we are  looking forward to the Restaurant Impossible marathon we will soon be having 😉

The save the date is made of wood……….how cool is that!?!?!?

I was, and am STILL loving every bit of the gray sky and barn with the color of these dresses! These ladies are so pretty (and super sweet, too)!

Yup! It was definitely windy, these ladies are troopers!

What’s cooler then getting a hair cut? Getting a haircut from your dad on your wedding day, of course!

No, those are not gold bricks 🙂  it’s duck tape! I think we are all pretty much in agreement that duck tape is amazing! And duck tape in gold, well it’s even more amazing!!


Wishing you two all the best!! Thank you so much for making us part of such a wonderful day 🙂