Engagement Sessions






Why an engagement session?!?!? Well, duh, because they are SO much fun! But really, we do have two MAJOR reasons why we think everyone should have an engagement session. ONE- It is a great way for us to get to know each other so that you are then more comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day. We are super chatty and maybe even a bit weird, hahaha! But as long as we are all laughing you will look gorgeous in your photos and that is all that matters! TWO- the beautiful photographs, of course! How often do you get a photo shoot celebrating how marvelous you and your love bug are?

Our engagement sessions are 2.5/3 hours. No, you wont be frozen in front of the camera the whole time, we promise! The first few minutes in front of the camera, well, they can be abit awkward, hahaha! But, it’s our job to make you feel comfortable (silly & happy) so that your gorgeous personalities can shine through in the photos!

Just a few teeny tiny tips for the shoot:

•Bring an alternative outfit with you.  We always photograph engagement sessions at two different location, so that they have a different look to them 🙂 and you get a little break in-between.

•Wear clothes that you feel comfortable with and are true to your personal style. If you don’t feel comfortable, you won’t look comfortable.

•Bring along some props for a few fun or sentimental shots. If you have a theme in mind, even better! We can go over any fun ideas when picking the location and date for your session.

•Get a professional manicure before the session. You don’t have to, but your hands will be in most of the photos, some close up shots of the ring 🙂





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