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Hi there, we are so excited you’re here!

We’re Linda and Peter Bernadic, husband and wife photographers. Our last name is a BIT tricky to pronounce (think bear-ina-ditch).  We live in West Milford, New Jersey with our cool little dude Oliver :)—But, I’m from Yonkers, NY and Peter is from Slovakia (thus the super cool accent). We LOVE our jobs but also enjoy photographing when we are not working.  We also love traveling and exploring new places together as a family 🙂 Check out some of our family travels, here. 

We work as a team! Our style, well it’s our own! We try to stay on top of our “game” & hope you enjoy what you have seen so far.

Linda (I’m the one on the right….. just sayin)

Taking pictures of people makes my heart happy, dorky I know, but I love it.  I got my first “grown up camera” when I was 15 (thank you to the GAP for giving me a job).  I like to talk (A WHOLE LOT) maybe, borderline too much.  I’m also a loud talker and a loud laugher (I’m convinced its genetic though)!  I think everyone is a rock star-especially Peter (he really was one in slovakia…. but I’m not supposed to yap about it).  Baking and eating chocolate cake= goodness 🙂 but when it comes to ice cream it’s vanilla all the way!   I love, LOVE: my family/goofy people/hugs/audiobooks (I’m obsessed)/lip gloss/rain boots/free parking/all my mother-in-law’s cooking/computers/gadgets/comedy/cooking/my awesome friends/& OF COURSE Peter and my darling Oliver!!

Peter (the handsome fella on the left)

I got my first camera when I was 11– I started selling classmates B&W prints from our class trips, but usually gave them away free… The real camera came years later when I lived in England in 1997.  I think I am very fortunate person because usually my dreams do come true, well, 90% of am anyway!  I’m still waiting on learning how to fly and winning the lottery.  When I was 16 my ultimate dream was to be a musician and celebrate my birthday recording in a studio…. my dream came true! I have to say music was best 15 years of my life so far….. My coolest job besides music and photography: working in theater in Colorado.  I like to stay on top of current events (someone in our house needs to know whats going on).  Besides photography my other passion is traveling with my camera (Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, & Nevada are as close to PERFECT as it gets)! Mountain biking, road biking, and kayaking are some fun things I like to do, but when I’m in Slovakia you’ll find me at my buddy’s pub (Jumbo Pub) every winter. European Beer, NY wineries, a quiet day at home, ice cream, Linda’s chocolate cake, family and friends make my life awesome!!!















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